What can we do for you: Ventilated Facade Systems

This booklet from Porcelanosa is very useful

We can take care of the designs, maximising the look and effect for your area, planning consent and getting the best from your investment in terms of the best insulation values and also the monetary return on your investment. It is our pleasure to apply our experience and natural desire for design to produce the best results we can for you, so you can gain all of the benefits outlined on this website.

Design: Our team can cover every aspect of the designs that are needed and take you through every stage from the technical side to the style that it is to conform to. We can arrange for bright colours in a variety of options or get a concrete effect through-body porcelain large format tile that will look just like concrete, industrial steel or any other stone if the design needs to be in keeping with the local area.

Thermal Values: More on the benefits of thermal values and reduced carbon/Co2 emissions can be found by clicking here. The difference should be a massive benefit to any building no matter what its purpose and an enhanced thermal value from either ventilated facades or any form of improved insulation means less problems with your building, better temperature control and reduced costs.

Monetary Value: After the initial costs, this process will create an envelope around the existing façade, helping to preserve it as best as it can be and you heating bills will be drastically cut during the winter months. The value of the building will also go up as it will not only look new, but will be far more appealing to the modern market for rental to be used as a business or to sell it as a home to a buyer who wants a more environmentally and cost effective home.

Private housing and commercial building account for more energy consumption than, farming, cars & travel or any form of agriculture! Taking steps such as adding new facades to your property mean that we are heading in the right direction to improve this situation. The state of houses on the market right now is largely that home are not fitted with proper insulation due in part to them being build either on a budget or at a time when a lot less was known about how to construct with the same technology we have today. The option of reducing the aged and inefficient building would mean pulling them down, rehoming the inhabitants, large spending and then a large amount of energy consumption when either disposing or recycling the old properties.

The most ecological solution is not in question, we would be far better off improving on what we have by either Rain Screen Cladding, Ventilated Facades or External Insulation used effectively and with the best design and/or technology at our current disposal to begin improving (by reducing) our carbon emissions and wasted heat through the walls, roofs and even floors in the buildings we already have.

However, if you are happy with your current insulation then there is nothing wrong with refurbishing your properties façade just to get the desired look you want for your home or business, click the thumbnails for examples. Your home or business can be massively enhanced with the use of the designs we have to offer so please feel free to contact us for a consultation to see what we suggest for you.


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