Urbatek: Through-Body 3mm Porcelain Tiles by XLight

Urbatek Building SignUrbatek is essentially a Porcelanosa factory producing a high quality range of porcelain products in Villarreal, Castellón, Spain. The porcelain tiles can be used in virtually any environment including bathrooms, wet rooms or outside and survive severe weather conditions. Their floor tiles are usually around 7 to 11mm thick for strength and durability. 

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There is an anti slip version of most variations rated R11B or higher. This rating and above are typically used as an outdoor tile for patios or even just steps to continue the effect of the same tiles used inside, for example, the “deep” range is very popular for this.

The tiles themselves are “wet dyed” meaning a few things, the most important part being that they are the same all the way through the tile and body of the porcelain. This is a massive improvement compared to other tiles that will have a white, cream or beige body with the tiles effect being printed on the surface. This might not sound like too much of a problem but with a regular tile such as this a scratch or chip will expose the lighter body underneath. With the through-body technical porcelain all ware, scratches and damage will barely show since the tile is consistent throughout.

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FullSizeRender2As little as 3mm thin and up to 6mm thick, these are made for walls with the most popular profile being 1m x 3m for various purposes. They can easily go over existing fitting to be used for refurbishments, some people will buy just one tile and use it as a durable and hard to damage kitchen splash back.

A favorite use for these in construction is as cladding, they can be made to look like concrete, pre-rusted industrial metals such as cor-ten steel (many more available) meaning you can clad the outside of a building for a fresher look or choose a style that fits in with the existing facade or in with an area if this is either what you want or to get planning permission.

Porcelanosa-Grupo_Urbatek_Town_Nature_60x30_GrlBetter still, rather than insulating and old building from the inside which quite likely already has small rooms and little space, you can clad the outside of a building with the XLight tiles for thermal and acoustic insulation. Any Porcelanosa showroom should be able to provide you with samples of each style or colour, pictured are the Nox (industrial pre-rusted steel effect or corten steel), Concrete Grey and Concrete Black. Each of these are examples of the natural look that can be achieved from these tiles.

XLight as Floor Tiles?

The 3mm XLight range Nd made for use on wall and external cladding as described. However, on more than one occasion I have personally witnessed these being placed on a level, poured, secure and solid floor area with no issues whatsoever. It should be warned that that is not the intended use for these tiles during either their design or manufacturing process so a manufacturers guarantee is u likely to be provided (nor should it be expected) for the use other than what it was designed for. 

The matter for discussion arises that there are many times in construction or especially when renovating an existing property that tiles of this thickness are a sought after product in many different circumstances where the floor is already built up or space is limited. 

Sometimes, it means pulling up an otherwise perfectly fine concrete floor at great time and expense to lay floor tiles of a full 1cm thickness because other fixtures/fittings in the room or whole building need the lower level for doors to open and close as they were intended and for consistency of the floor level from room to room. 

While there are various other factors to consider, there are multiple scenarios where these large format tiles could save a projects deadline or budget due to their thin profile and rectified cut, allowing for a minimal spec between tiles. These are a sensitive product and only skilled professionals should be offering to use these in this way so be safe; get the right people for a job like this. 

If you interested in any of these qualities contact: Marc.Heath@Porcelanosa.co.uk for more information on anything specific to your project.

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