The Use and Misuse of “Anti Slip” Porcelain Tiles

k13_deep_light_grey_nature_596x596_v2All too often tiles are picked for use from a catalogue or website, the words anti slip sound good and are often chosen due to the misconception of what they are actually going to feel like in your home and what their intended purpose is. More often than not, a Porcelain floor tile with a matt finish will give more than enough of the correct texture to be used safely in a bathroom or wet room environment.

For example, a typical porcelain floor tile manufactured by Urbatek with a ‘nature’ finish (known as a matt finish) will be rated R9A and while you could not label this as “anti slip” it should be more than up to the job. The same tile I refer to is also available in an anti slip textured finish rated at R11B but the feel of it on bare skin resembles something akin to sandpaper, not what most people would choose to have inside their homes.

deep collectionMy suggested use for these two tiles in my example would be to have the nature finish indoors and the anti slip tile to be used in a continuation of the look to an outdoor area such as from a living area out onto steps or an outdoor patio area where the heavy texture finish would be more conducive to the section in question. These tiles come in a timber effect which is excellent for both indoor and outdoor use for aesthetic purposes. Pictured below is an example of the Oxford Cognac range being used outdoors, these are the perfect example for a good indoor tile and then to be used with the heavy texture in outdoor use.


For good outdoor durability, a warm indoor effect porcelain body tiles beats natural wood. By comparison, they are waterproof, scratchproof, weatherproof and are going to look like new when the wood will have been treated and re-treated numerous times if it has not already needing replaced.

Inevitable effect of wood weathering

Inevitable effect of wood weathering

The high density and extremely low porous nature of porcelain tiles means that with such a low water absorption rate far less, if any damage will be done in damp conditions where there are temperature changes. When something such as a natural stone, which is naturally porous is laid out in tiles it will take in water and when the temperature changes the water will expand and contract accordingly which will damage and even crack the tiles. This is why a material that is man made and engineered to a high standard is favourable to all other choices available for residential use when it comes to longevity and lasting aesthetic performance.


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