The 10 Most Emblematic Works of Zaha Hadid

This Thursday Zaha Hadid, of 65 years old, died of heart attack in Miami`s hospital, where she was hospitalized to treat a bronchitis.

Zaha-HadidZaha Hadid caught the attention just as she finished her course of Architecture of the Architectural Association of London. She made her first exposition in 1978, with her student projects, in the Guggenheim Museum in New York. However, it was only 20 years later that, her dreams start to materialize. Her vision was a neofuturistic one, and that is why probably why her ideas took years to take shape, possibly because she was very advanced for her time.
Her professional life can be described in two phases.

The first one was more artisan and manual, where she participates, without winning in several international competitions. She draws more, and has more time to make beautiful scale models. In this phase she worked mainly alone, gave classes and lectures all over the world, and she was a curator of expositions.
The second phase corresponds to the entrance of her partner, the German architect Patrick Schumacher. It as a phase more computerized where finally her designs became real all over the world.
She was the first architect woman to win the prize Pritzker. In 2008, she was on the list of the most powerful women of Forbes magazine.

Her work as an architect can be described as a design with movement, with a palette of neutral colors, numerous curves, very fluid and futuristic, and organic lines, much of them inspired by nature, and shaped according the surroundings.
She gave movement to architecture!
Therefore, to remember her legacy, we are going to speak shortly about the 10 most emblematic works of her life.

#1 – Peak Leisure Club in Hong Kong
Zaha Hadid was first recognized for the first time for having her design chosen for The Peak Leisure Club de Hong Kong, in 1982.
Although her design was selected, the club was never built. The club was located on top of granite hills Kowloon.
The building design was a horizontal skyscraper constituted by different layers and it should have risen above the traffic jam of the city.

Vitra Fire Station in Germany#2 – Vitra Fire Station, in Germany
Although this work it isn`t the work that best describe her line of thoughts, the fire station in Vitra, in the Weil am Rhein city, in Germany it was her first design to became real.
Was constructed in reinforced concrete inside a complex of factories in 1993. Zaha Hadid described it as an abstract project that follow the lines of the crops and the vines nearby.
In contrast to her other works this one is a building with linear lines, frozen instead of fluid, like it was in alert ready to explode.

#3 – Maxxi the Museum of XXI Century Arts, in Rome
Maxxi the museum of contemporaneous arts and architecture of the twenty-one century was constructed in Rome in 2009.

The architect Zaha Hadid said that the museum project was inspired in the river movement, because the museum Maxxi is located near the river Tiber.
The interconnected forms also serve to give stability to the building, which is constructed in a place that is susceptible to earthquakes.

#4 – London Aquatics Centre
The London aquatics centre was created for the London Olympiad in 2012 and the roof mimics a wave.
Zaha Hadid said she Loved the London Aquatics Center, because it was nearby where she lived.
During the games, the centre accommodated 17.5 thousand chairs, but the majority was removed to economize the heating during its use apart special occasions.
This building was inspired by the motion of water, and takes into account the river surroundings in its design.

#5 Heydar Aliyev Centre, in Azerbaijan
The center Heydar Aliyev, in Baku, in Azerbaijan, was constructed in 2012. There are three buildings interconnected: a library, a museum and a concert room.
According to Zaha Hadid the project was based in the contours of a mountain range. The fluid design of the building it is supposed to break the rigid Soviet influence, and express the more delicate culture of Azeri.

Guangzhou Opera#6 – Guangzhou Opera in China
Zaha Hadid continued innovating and this building much praised, was inaugurated in May of 2010. It was a work that costed 200 millions of dollars.
It has a peculiar twin boulder design and its organic contours follow the lines of the Pearl River.
The lights inside of the building look like stars in an golden sky.


#7 – Zaragoza Bridge Pavilion
It was constructed diagonally across the shores of the Ebro river in 2008, and was the door of entrance of the event, a pedestrian trek and a pavilion.
The dynamic shape of the building progresses from the extrusion of a diamond-shaped section along a slightly curved path. Its body is covered by a shark scale skin, that creates an internal microclimate based on the natural airflow.

#8 – Central Bank of Iraq
This project, constructed in 2012, was the first project she made in her home city.
This building it is a high solid structure that rises from the Bank of the Tigris River. You can also admire the typical curvature lines of Zaha Hadid is this building.

#9 – Skyscraper in New York
The first skyscraper of the architect in New York will be inaugurated in 2017 in 28th Street.
It is a very dynamic building, with a solid structure that captures the richness of New York urban environment. The building has two distinct areas that are merged and separated by an interconnected chevron

Galaxy Soho Building in Beijing#10 – Galaxy Soho Building in Beijing
The Galaxy Soho complex of buildings was inaugurated in the heart of Beijing, in China.
The building looks like five honeypots interconnected by continuous fluid bridges. This complex doesn’t have corners, and it is characterized for its horizontal curvilineal lines full of open spaces and light without sudden transition
Its large internal spaces are inspired in the Chinese architecture.


There are a lot of buildings and other designs that could be on this short list, but I feel that it is a matter of preference, because there are so many to choose from.
Zaha Hadid, your legacy of movement in architecture will linger trough time!

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