Steading Conversion & Restoration

These are drawings from my earlier days learning about U values and the workings of Revit.

I learned a lot from this, mostly that Revit is not  a magical tool that creates 3D models for you and that its much faster to render in the ‘cloud’. My next lesson was on activity spaces and other things that Revit does not do for you.

However, I learned that this is a powerful piece of software that is extremely useful at converting my 2D plans that I already prepared in AutoCAD into 3D models and easily cut sections for either full drawings or just to get detail drawings together in a matter of minutes from smaller areas.

The fast action of taking out a section is good not just for time and convenience but also exposing my own mistakes such as some you see in the detail drawing below. I later fixed these but the ones shown are there because these are the drawings that taught me the most. Taught me what NOT to do next time, so to these I am grateful.

My proudest part from these was the internal 3D renderings, not because of the interior design but as I later found out during class from my lecturer that the hours of going over how to use Revit with an end product in mind, I had apparently demonstrated a working and practical knowledge of 3D space and internal planning.

So, to make a long story slightly shorter, these drawings might not be the best demonstration of my abilities but they show my ability to learn as I go while working alone and that I learn from my mistakes. Still learning…

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