Book Review: Materials for Architectural Design 2

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First of all, I wish I started with #1.

I know it sounds obvious but I had wrongfully assumed this was a volume 2, not a sequel. Maybe you come across this little piece I have written before buying it and go for the first for the first time. While there is certainly no story line or character development that you might have missed from book one, so nothing is lost in continuity.

I have actually really enjoyed the information I have gotten from this (text)book and continue to refer to it as a reference point as you can go back to specific parts on specific materials for a fast and easy reference.

I have only read this in little chunks so far so as my thoughts progress on the book, I will return here to add more information until I am satisfied I have a full review and have covered all things reliving or interesting.

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The book starts with a two page introduction then quickly jumps straight into different materials for architectural design. In my eyes, what separates this from a textbook is that the materials are outlined and explained through case studies, I feel this is better for an experienced architect or someone simply studying construction at college. All areas and all levels are covered through their descriptions of the how and why for each material.

2016-09-04 18.48.14Each material is described in detail, explaining the basics of how they are used and the history behind the material that led to using them the way we utilize them today.

Each case study covers the topic well and also uses a reasonable amount of images to help explain the subject matter without turning it into a mindless picture book.


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