Architect Luis Vidal and His Studio

Luis-Vidal-OficialLuis Vidal, born in Barcelona in 1969, studied architecture in Greenwich, United Kingdom, where he graduated with honors. Since 1995, he is a member of RIB (Royal Institute of British Architects), and he is specialized mainly in airports and transport infrastructures projects.

From 1998 to 2001, Luis Vidal was a professor of design and projects in the Polytechnic University of Madrid. In 1994, he joined the studio Lamela Arquitectos (L.A). From 1999 to 2003, he was General Director of that studio and in 2000, he became a partner of that studio.

From 1996 to 2003, he was the project director of the New Terminal T4 of the Madrid Barajas Airport. He was also the director and coauthor of the New Warsaw International Airport, and other 14 airport projects, which six of them won international competitions.

Luis Vidal is regarded to be an architect that transforms airports and has a unique vision of them. He says, “I always felt that airports were unfriendly places and I didn`t understood why. They were uncomfortable, you had to walk through dark and narrow hallways, with the sensation that you were being throw out. For me, however, they are the entrance gate of a country, a moment of joy, and more than that, they are the real cathedrals of the XXI century, where millions of people circulate daily, and where cultures and commerce blend with each other.” (Translated from the newspaper La Tercera)

In 2004, he begins is independent career founding Luis Vidal + Architects (LVA). A year later he achieves the first prize in the International Competition of Zaragoza Airport, was nominated and finalist of the Mies Van der Rohe 2009 prize and recently rewarded, in the 2012 edition of the Tourism International Fair (Fitur) due to his Aenor certification in energetic efficiency. Since then, innumerous projects of LVA had been recognized with different prizes and awards.

Luis Vidal studio don`t just do projects of airports, in LVA they are very diversified, they do everything from hospitals, train stations, offices, cultural buildings, residencies and other infrastructures to interior and industrial design.

mood_griferia_002_baja-Luis VidalThey have also won other prizes and awards like the architecture prize of Madrid Municipality given to the interior architecture of the restaurant of Reina Sofía Museum, and the Future Health Project 2012 prize given to the New Hospital of Vigo in Ibiza and to the Can Misses Hospital.

The international recognition of his studio as a reference in the transport architecture allowed expanding the studio to even greater fields of this sector. With the design of a spaceport, LVA is the first studio to project a spatial airport. The Colorado Front Range Spaceport will have a technological and futuristic inspiration, and its main features will be functionality and modularity.

The lines of his work are very modern and futuristic, and oscillate from curvilinear lines to rectilinear lines but his mainly concern is that his infrastructures and buildings are comfortable, sustainable, have a design that suits its purpose and improve the persons quality of life. He defends that when an architect designs a building or infrastructure he has an economic, social and environmental responsibility, and he has an ethical, transversal and multidisciplinary perspective of architecture.

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