Archispeak Podcast Review

Archispeak_architecture_podcastArchispeak; By Evan Troxel, Neal Pann, Cormac Phalen has taken up quite a bit of my listening time while working, driving, walking the dog and when I’m in the gym. My Audible subscription has taken a backseat for now.

Description: Evan, Neal and Cormac delve into what it’s really like working in the field of architecture. Whether the topic is design, drawing, 3d modeling, the office environment, analog, digital, education, winning new work or working with clients – there’s sure to be a great conversation. Listen in as they lift the veil to show you, dear listener, what life is really like (both the good and the bad) within the field of architecture. You can learn more about the show and find the show notes at

There are currently 94 episodes and there is lots of content both useful and inspirational, almost every subject matter has been covered (I have not heard them all yet). I have more often than not felt at least a little bit inspired to get to work in Architecture each time I listen to an episode. The genuine experience and passion these guys have for the industry come across as the real deal with everything they talk about, their feelings are expressed throughout each episode on any given subject that the episode is about.

Whatever subject the episode is given, or whatever topic they challenge they will only stray from the theme when it stays relevant to the discussion and to architecture.

As they themselves have quoted on their website many times, and I have to agree:


Monument Blog


Penny Southam

I have heard it said many times from architects who work from home that listening to this podcast gives them the feeling of being back in the studio and being around other architects. I have listened to quite a few different podcasts and have put many of my personal hours into listening to other architecture themed podcasts and have never felt the need to write a review or to speak out about them.

I am personally very pleased to have come across an architecture based podcast that I can download and listen to for free that is made up of genuine architects – depending on how you define “architect”, see episode #21 The Title of “Architect” asks the question who should and can use the title “Architect?”. Other episodes such as #38 “Interviewing” gives real life experiences, opinions and advice on how to handle interviews, CV’s and portfolios through their frank discussions. The list of episodes goes on and will hopefully continue to grow!

A new episode comes out every other Sunday night USA time, but you should still be able to get it for your Monday morning commute. The general information and points of view mostly come from an American Males perspective, most probably because that who is producing the podcast but there is plenty variety from their guests and “friends of the show” including attendees of conventions that they phone up to get feedback from the event live for the podcast.

The newer episodes have shameless “breaks” where they talk about what are essentially adverts for their sponsors. I understand the reason behind this but this break in the continuity of the show often leaves them sounding baffled with the ‘what were we just talking about’ feeling for a minute or two.

These guys are supposed to be successful architects and while I do not  grudge them earning a little extra money from the show which has given me lots in return, the advert breaks can ruin an otherwise very interesting episode. To me, this makes the architecture career look pretty grim when the people who are providing us with advice, experience and knowledge have to resort to these “breaks” to subsidize their income…

The more these advert ‘breaks’ are in these podcasts the more my Audible subscription makes more sense again.

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