5 Best Works of Simone Micheli

Simone-Micheli-49607.XLThe Italian architect and designer, Simone Micheli, that was born in 1964, was graduated in Florence, where he had the opportunity to learn and be inspired by prominent teachers like Giovanni Klaus Koenig, Giovanni Michelucci, and Bruno Zevi.

In 1990 he founded the architecture studio “Simone Micheli” and later in 2003 the Company “Simone Micheli Architectural Hero” that has offices in Florence, Milan and Dubai.

Simone Micheli is Curator of numerous exhibitions and installations, and has represented repeatedly Italy at festivals and exhibitions all over the world. He is also is a professor in different institutions like Poli Design and Milan Design Schools.

The works of Simone Micheli are very diverse. He does architecture and interior works, visual design and integrated communication. The buildings that Micheli designs have a futuristic aesthetic and usually have more rectilinear lines in the outside. Inside, he thinks a lot about the use the final user will give to the building and creates the spaces and rooms according to that. In addition, he usually uses curvilinear lines, the white color and light to make a division more peaceful and quiet and uses a few colors that stand out to give a strong accent so typically of Micheli. He also thinks about sustainability and the environment with the materials he uses, but his great characteristic is that he makes his work and design with his heart. He never stops thinking about his projects and he even had some great ideas dreaming.

He has won international recognition with the many luxurious modern hotels, Spa, wellness center, fitness center, and homes he had design and according to him he wouldn`t change any of works because he has done them with all of his passion.

#1 Work – The Micheli Residence
Of course that a man with such a great passion for architecture and design that comes from his guts would put his magic touch in his home.
The house of Cesar (his son), Roberta (his wife) and Simone Micheli is a house of 19 century that was converted in a new more futuristic environment. The walls, structures and some furniture are white and he added a few bright colors like pink, green and yellow in some furniture. Its design is focus on man and his senses and he used environmental materials.

#2 Work – Atomic Spa Suisse
The Atomic Spa Suisse of the Boscolo Exedra Hotel in Milan, Italy has shapes similar to bubbles invading the ceiling and a blue atmosphere provided by the pool. In the middle of the pool, there are irregular curvilinear white shapes that rise from the floor to the ceiling giving a futuristic aspect.
This Spa that was the “Best of Year 2010” in the Interior Design Magazine and won the International Media Prize 2010 in Shenzhen, China and certainly will cause a great impact in you!

#3 Work – Golfo Gabella Lake Resort  
Simone Micheli and Maurizio Salvato designed this resort on the Lombard shore of Lake Maggiore in 2007. This project won the “Best Interior Design” and “Best Apartment Italy” in the Homes Overseas Award in 2007.
The tasting area and the restaurant have a flooring made of beola granite, the wall surfaces are made of masonry blanched and left exposed, and the ceilings are white with openings that reveal a black base.
The rooms have white beds and on top of them, there are large mirrors with a rectangular slightly rounded shape with holes in them and give off a halo of blue light.
This resort is very sophisticated and has curvilinear shapes all over it.

#4 Work – B4 Wellness Center
This wellness Center, again of Boscolo Hotels in Milan, Italy has cement ceilings with strong green irregular curvilinear shapes that came out of the ceiling, some are just hanging and some reach the floor. The walls have round green irregular shapes with the image of a blue sky with white clouds with a halo of blue light. The sauna has white seats with a halo of red light.

#5 Work – Oversea Building
This is a sustainable building of Chioggia, Italy.
The exterior structure has a rectangular shape with round edges with a totemic profile overlooking the sea. This building has six floors with ring-shaped balconies and a facade with photovoltaic panels. It really stands out from its surroundings.

It is an ethical beauty!
The Simone Micheli works are very characteristic, made with passion, and catch the eye of those who visit them!!!

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