20 Year Old Drawings Renewed in AutoCAD

Existing-Elevations-&-Sections-1One of my earlier and “harder than it looked” jobs. These 20 year old drawings had gone awry somewhere between permission and the building being completed and it never got a completion certificate. I was offered the job by an older and wiser Architectural Technician to redraw these old pencil works to be an “as is” drawing in AutoCAD.

I had joked to myself after meeting him that he only had an HNC that he got decades ago on day release while I had my HND, yet I was the one looking to him for work in the architecture industry. I soon decided it wasn’t funny when I saw the quality of his work compared to what I handed in at the end on my college education.

Existing-UF-PlanHere is what I was to use limited information to recreate in CAD software, effectively grunt work and I was happy to have it;

I am in the process of taking the .DWG format files from when I recreated these files and I will publish them below as soon as I have internet quality jpegs of them. So watch this space, I’m really busy just now but will get onto it as soon as I get a chance.

Existing-GF-PlanThey obviously were not that great because I spend a few days on them and still never got a second job from the guy. However, I learned loads from this initial foray into this industry. Mostly, what NOT to do! This obviously has become a valuable lesson since, I have long considered myself a “perfectionist” when it came to my drawing but perfecting, perfecting, perfecting essentially just becomes procrastination.

Existing-Elevations-&-Sections-3A lesson eventually hard earned as between working hard to produce something top quality and actually getting it done on time is a very fine line. As I write this I have several pieces of work I should be drawing from sketches I have roughly scratched into a pad over the  last few days. Instead I’m writing this, telling myself SEO, its my portfolio, its good to share this info and so on. Anyway; hi ho, hi ho….
Late update:

Apologies to everyone who had asked to see how the revised versions came out and it has taken me this long to produce anything. There are a couple reasons for that, the first being that the work was done for someone else so it dint have my name on it, another is that what little I saved didn’t seem worthwhile showing. So I trimmed the sides of someone else’s name and I now all I have left is the following. Some floor plans which are still an improvement on the originals…


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